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performance documentation

Performance documentation

Video documentation from various performances with various media, including acoustic and amplified trumpet, electronics, a homemade instrument, and household goods.

world series at the mortuary

Video of the World Series at the Mortuary.

Featuring solo, duo, and trio performances by Ethan Marks (trumpet/objects) Anthony Storniolo (tape/metals), Tom Sturm (the/saxafone)

Performed on 11/15/18

Video by Scarlett Kim

Intro animation and audio by Tom Sturm

Splat Music (for George Brecht)

Written by Erin Demastes, featuring: tin bucket, contact mics, water, soap, Alka-Seltzer, spaghetti, other materials

Recorded in the R.O.D. at CalArts, 1/29/2018

Improvisation for Tuber

Tuber invented by Tom Sturm and performed by Ethan Marks, Marta Tiesenga, and Louis Coy.

Recorded in the R.O.D. at CalArts, 4/25/2017


"Raw" by Ulrich Krieger (2015)

Version for trumpet and electronics by Ethan Marks and Tom Sturm (2017)

Premiered at The Wild Beast at CalArts, 2/4/2017

Audio mixing and video processing by Tom Sturm

raw v

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heart attack (waiting to happen...)

Vinny Golia, clarinet
Ethan Marks, trumpets

Improvisation from The Meeting #3, Stevenson Ranch, CA, 12/9/2016

the meeting #1

Solo trumpet improvisation
Performed 10/21/2016


Mark Andre's "iv6a" (excerpt)
Performed in East Los Angeles, 11/5/2016

david Aguila + Ethan Marks

David Aguila + Ethan Marks
Laptop + Trumpet Duo

Performance in Val Verde, CA 10/29/2016

fukushima 9.0

"Fukushima 9.0" composed by David Aguila (2016) 

Ethan Marks - Trumpet
David Aguila - Laptop
Blaine Nelson - Projections

Recorded in the Wild Beast, CalArts

wild winged-one

"Wild Winged-One" composed by Liza Lim (2007) 

Chosen Vale International Trumpet Seminar, 6/18/2015


Chosen Vale International Trumpet Seminar, 6/18/2015

Studio sunday (excerpt 1)

Excerpt from solo improvisation show inaugurating the Studio Sundays performance series at Studio Gallery, DC (; 6/14/2015.

Improvisations inspired by the artwork on display at the time of performance (Joyce McCarten's "My Beautiful Bones").

studio sunday (excerpt 2)

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